My Lazy Diary Habit is just as it sounds… I have no aspirations of being a popular blogger. It may be months between updates, but something in me drives me to share the things that I’m doing and learning.


Here’s what you need to know: My name is Danielle. I am from Oklahoma. I live in Wisconsin. I dabble in all sorts of crafts and art mediums. I love cooking. I love learning about health and wellness, but I hate the “snake oil” type claims people make on places like Pinterest (I’m sorry, but essential oils won’t cure you of hypothyroidism, and you can’t “heal” a tooth cavity).

I have a chronic pain disorder, and have had to do a lot of self-educating.

I am a teacher. I am a writer. I am a lifelong learner.

I do DIY projects, and I’m trying to learn more and more about home improvement projects.

And I say shit and fuck a lot. You’ve been warned.


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